Friday, December 25, 2015

A Journey Ends and a New Life Begins

     22 Years seems like it would be a lifetime.  For a child growing up it is part of the forever principle.  Mostly because 22 years is a long time in a young mind.  They know what lies ahead tomorrow, maybe going to the park or recess at school.  They do not think that far ahead.  Frankly I did not either.  I went through life when I was younger , living for the moment.  
     That was until I became an active Soldier in the Army.  Then I had to think three and four steps ahead all the time.  I had to know if what I did today worked what havoc would it cause in two days.  That is right I learned for every action there is an equal or greater reaction.  That is not the only lesson learned of course.  Another and greater one is, living for the day does not eave a lot of room for anyone but yourself.  You must stop and look around every once in a while or the world will zap by you along with actual fun things in life.  

     The last 12 months I let my Blog go dark as I transitioned from an awesome journey into my new life.  I tried to focus on getting everything squared away for my family and me.  This is huge since for the better part of those 22 years I put everyone else ahead of me.  I pushed Soldiers to their best and watched them succeed (still watching many) as Soldiers and in life.  So part of that learning curve was figuring out that helping me has to be in the equation sometimes.  Otherwise it leads to months of catching up when you could have already been there.  

     The mainstay that has followed me from old to new is, you guessed it, Running.  :)  I have also added other elements now.  As my body appreciates not being beat to a pulp daily from the life I led, and begins to heal I have added, weight lifting, Biking, and wait for it...   Yoga.   Yes the MisFit is now an advocate for Yoga.  I am about to try CrossFit on my terms as well, not because I was told to.  I look forward to this new challenge as I enter a new year.  

     This year as I move forward I am not worrying about a schedule of races, nor trying to make marks on my PR board.  If I do PR of course I will be stoked like anyone however, it will not control my running at all.  I also am focussing on the Team MisFit principles this year, so that will be my main team.   We may open recruitment in the next month for new team members.  The team currently has a Texas Leader and 2 in Tennessee.  I know their are possible leaders in the Northeast and Northwest (might have to twist some arms). 

      I am also going to continue providing running groups for the Wounded Warrior Project ( and join in on more events with Team Red White and Blue (  I have also started a fellowship program with The Mission Continues ( and will be a part of the Yellow Ribbon Fund ( and their taking up fitness team ( I will also remain as an ambassador for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (   All are veteran or first responder groups which either help warriors/ responders  or challenge them to give back.  

So I guess I will be busy anyway.  

     12 things to look forward to for me this year in no specific order:
1.   Successfully complete Fellowship with TMC
2.   Complete at least 1 race per month for all of 2016
3.   Run everyday at least 2 miles
4.   Find a company who wants to take a chance with me
5.   Get Team MisFit and its ambassadors out in the world
6.   Grow Team Beckerman for the Mountain Man Memorial March by 4 people
7.   Watch my mini me become a successful published author
8.   Push Haley's Team Twilight Event to new heights in this the 10th year.  
9.   Push other warriors to greatness as the enter new chapters of life
10. Start a Masters Program
11. Watch my first Boston Qualifier crush the course (TeamSwole)
12. Take Fitness to a new level

What 12 things do you want to achieve this coming year?  How will you do it?  

See you in a couple weeks!     

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Year

As 2015 has entered our lives, plans are in full swing for an active year.  I have noticed that the "season" never really ends in the endurance world.  This makes sense since as an endurance athlete you must be able to endure long hours of logging miles.

My last race was supposed to be the Annapolis Classic in 2014.  It became my first ever DNS (Did Not Start).  I went to an awesome trail camp in Texas with Team RWB in November, and messed my ankle up pretty good on the last full day at camp.

Over the next month I healed and did ground work preparing for the next turn of the calendar.  I have done more weight training in the last 6 weeks than I usually do and I feel much better.  This year will be a better race year for me as I fall under the colors of Big Sexy Racing Rx3, I return as an Ambassador for Hammer Nutrition, Hyperwear, IceDot , X-1 Audio and a member of Team Tri-Lunatics.  I am also more involved with Team RWB and of course still with WWP.  I hope to represent all very well this year.

For 2014 I had a structured race schedule planned out.  For 2015 as I transition from Military to Civilian life my calendar will be filled as I go.  I have three events on the books so far.  The Tribe ½ marathon in Williamsburg, Va,
22 Feb.  The Country Music Marathon, Nashville, TN 25 April.  My first 70.3 Ironman Chattanooga May 17.  I know I will fill the gaps as I go but I am not stressing the events as much as the training this year.

With my retirement form the Army means planning for a party to thank all those who supported me throughout the two decades of service.  The timing of it this year also will coincide with my mini me graduating HS so it will be a dual event (easier on the cook, me).   Then 1 month later will be the Annual Haley's Team Twilight run.  Busy again till July, I would not have it any other way.

What are you up to this year?

Good Luck in all you do this year, may your feet be swift, your wheels be fast and the waves flow with you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Army Ten Miler Weekend

Army Ten Miler Weekend

          31 December 2010 the MisFits woke up like any other day in Kandahar.  Lace em up go out run early ,change go visit the local population while on patrol and guard what was FOB Wilson.  One MisFit SGT Michael Beckerman had gone on to his Sapper brothers and was on patrol.  By mid-morning that day he was taken from us and we all were changed. 


     People say time will bring closure and that is true for some not for all.  It has been nearly three years and I know many of the MisFits and our extended brother hood still think of him regularly.  This year I finally virtually met his mother Ms. Lisa.  She is a very proud and strong Mom.  She reached out for us to help get people to run or donate to the Missouri Military Memorial Foundation.  I immediately spread the word and signed up.  The only issue was I had already signed up for the Army Ten Miler.   It was quickly settled I along with many other MisFits would run via satellite for the 5K and dedicate our weekend to SGT Beckerman. 


     When you start running it is hard to imagine making it more than the dreaded 5K you are working towards.  Then you complete a couple of them and feel the need to expand to bigger races.  You try the 10K, the ½ Marathon is the next step then of course the true test the Marathon.  Along the way you make a list of races you want to run, your bucket list.  I think most people will put down the NYC Marathon, and Boston Marathon as the ultimate bucket list races. 


     In 2011 I signed up for the Navy 10 Nautical Miler just outside of Memphis.  I ran for team Fisher House.  I wanted to run the Army 10 Miler (ATM) but missed registration due to being overseas.  So my Military Services Bucket List was made,  I already knocked out the Navy Race, I now needed the ATM, The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM), and the Air Force ½.  By the end of this month 1 will be ¾ of the way through that list. J

     On Saturday 11 October I drove down to DC.  Went to the Expo at the DC Armory, right next to RFK Stadium, met some pretty cool people and saw a pretty good display of what the Army brings to the field of battle.  The swag bag with a long list of sponsors left a bit to be desired with not much in it. 


     It was on to the Hotel after.  I met up with the rest of the team from my Unit and we were given shirts donated by the Chemical Corps Regimental Association (CCRA), and others.  We had a large group with us and it was cool to be a part of it.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner then back to the hotel for pre-race rituals. 

    Woke up early showered shaved got dressed then it was team meeting time (well picture time).  Drank a couple bottles of water and walked the mile to the starting area.  The Pentagon provided the backdrop for the starting area.  The waves were set up with arches of balloons to identify with your color bib.  Four of us decided to linger at the fourth wave and start there. 

     The Golden Knights parachuted in, the colors were posted and the National Anthem was performed by a Soldier.  The crowd of 35,000 runners were all psyched up and started the slow moves forward as the cannon fired for each wave.  As we got close to one of the overpasses the two bottles of water wanted to be released.  Luckily for us the magical line of porta johns was right there.  Of course the lines were huge and our wave was passing us as we waited.  We got in and out quickly then ran to get to the back of our wave just in time to start. 

     At the start we were down to three staying together weaving in and out of traffic.  With that many runners on a ten mile course weaving would be done all day.  Every two miles there was a water / Gatorade point.  This broke the race down to 5 two mile runs which was amazing.  Without training in over 30 days I was nervous but confident about the run. 

    At mile 4 one of the guys on my team fell just ahead of us I stopped and helped him to his feet made sure he was good and it was back to business.  At the 6 mile water point a man fell just in front of me on the water soaked cups on the ground.  I side stepped him as the volunteers swooped in to help him.  It was in here that runner comraderies came together as we were running next to the oncoming runners.  Lots of high fives and awesome encouragement sped up my next miles. 

     The final two miles consisted of the awesome I395 onramp and bridge back over the river.  It was the longest stretch of the race but as you descended you could see the Pentagon there to your front right.  A few turns later and we were in the long finishing chute, with huge crowds yelling for us.  Step two of the bucket list was complete in 1:33.  Not a bad day after all. 

I was glad to complete these 10 Miles for SGT Beckerman and it is on to the next. 


What is on your run bucket list? 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tri to Tri

     Journeys take you where you let them.  When I first got hooked on endurance events I did not know where I was headed.  I thought the 5K was a daunting task (even though I had been doing that distance and more forever).  When you are new to the actual sport of running and hear 5K, you tend to over think what 5000 meters could be. 


     Once that distance is conquered you want more.  Some jump straight to the half-marathon (my favorite distance), while others take the natural step to 10K.  Now with the addition of 8K and 15K races there are more steps a runner can take along the way of their Journey. 


     My Journey has been written here before so I will not bore you with it again.  I have not mastered the Marathon yet but will keep tinkering with that distance as I grow as an athlete.  Having been on “Teams” through @ActiveAmbassadors I have met many awesome athletes.  I noticed that many of them were not just runners but, they were multi-sport athletes.  I only tried multi-sport a long time ago so I was intrigued again. 


     I started working out at the Arena Club earlier this year.  I met an awesome trainer Kathy Wise who pointed me in the direction of their Splash/ Mash/ Dash in March.  I signed up and went and tried to tri.  I was hooked on the rush of the challenge of three events.  While at a Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Soldier Ride in Atlanta I heard about the WWP Triathlon team.  I checked it out and was accepted. 


     I picked three events which I thought fit my crazy schedule.  1 fit perfect the Tri-Rock Asbury Park, NJ one August 24th.  I figured why not do my first open water tri in my home state.  The date was circled and training amped up.  I was swimming whenever possible running as usual and biking on my mountain bike,   Once again being MisFit I was trying to do the training my way not the way. 


     On the weekend before the race I was visiting my family in Tennessee and my mountain bike failed me on hills.  I was frustrated but kept on trucking.  Four days before the race I made the leap and purchased a Giant Defy 5 road bike.  Wow what a difference.  I say that because my Cannondale F7 was what I thought to be great.  This just eclipsed it. 


     Race day came and nerves were a bit more than normal for a race.  I was not nervous about completing the event.  I was nervous about transition.  You can practice going from one to another all day but once your gear is intermingled amongst hundreds of others in tight quarters.  At first I was looking at my Bike and thinking not too crowded should be easy, then in a blink of an eye it was full and the butterflies started churning. 


     Weather caused havoc on the race as Rip currents were in the surf.  The water portion would be canceled and a second run was added.  Change does not bother me so I was ok.  I took my pre-race drink at the approximate time before I thought I would start.  The weather did not just change the race it changed starting waves.  It was over an hour after my anticipated start I took off.  I walked up to the start line which they were doing in wave + wave fashion.  Each wave was broken down into 4 competitors at a time.  It was weird but finally I was running.  The first leg flew by and here I was turning into the feared transition.  I ran through to my row pulled my bike jersey over my head placed my helmet on my head and ran with my bike to the mounting point.  I got on and took off.  About a half mile in I finally strapped my helmet on.  I thought I was crawling but then I was passing a lot of people from the wave in front of me and confidence grew along with speed.  10 miles flew by.  I headed back to the dismount point and into transition.  Ran with my bike to my row to find someone had put their bike and gear on my rack.  I guess the crazy stickers with numbers were hard to understand. 


     1:39 later I was running again but much slower this time.  I should have learned the art of the brick workout!   (printed out the workout today).  I finished and danced with the announcer at the finish line.  Disappointed in no swim and really feeling like a full tri-athlete but felt great to have done it.  Cannot wait till the next events. 
Where is your Journey taking you??


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pirate Fest 5k Lock house Museum

     Saturday morning July 12, 2014 a muggy yet cooler day than the race day last year. The pub crawl by the pirates went smoothly on Friday night, and the pirates in the encampment along the bank of the Susquehanna River, were just arising when the runners started to show up. Runners from all around were arriving as the 400 registered were assembling. 

     The proceeds of the race go to the Lock House Museum. Keeping a piece of History up and running is important to the community. The Susquehanna Museum at the Lock House is a historic home located on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Havre de Grace Maryland. It has a rich history, and tells the story of those who used to live and work in the house as well as of the City of Havre de Grace through exhibits, events and programming.

     There were a good amount of runners who came dressed in Pirate outfits bringing more fun to the event. The female winner sailed through the course in her Boat (stroller). 

                                            even had a bear walking the plank Aargh

     The Havre De Grace PD were leading the way for the race and controlled key intersections. This race had a substantial amount of Volunteers and ensured all runners made the right turns along the course. This year the water stop was not taken by pirates and was refreshing as the humidity was getting up there. 

     All runners and walkers made it to the finish including many first time runners. That is always a good thing to see. A first timer smiling as they accomplish their first goal of a 5K. Awesome!! This race will be te start of my race pack leading up to my fall race schedule. 


                                                I was ready but slowed by my bad hoof.


Great event I recommend it to all who are in the area next year!!!