Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Heat!!

     Wow what a couple of weeks we have had here in Tennessee.  The heat index has been insane and getting quality runs in has been nearly impossible.  I am currently training for my first Marathon which will be in about 83 days in St Louis.  I hear people say that the full is the hardest thing to train for and accomplish.  I always thought it would be a challenge, but adding in this heat has made it almost instant extreme sports. 

     With the heat coupled with work, I have started a totally different approach to training.  I start at 0430 for about an hour of running.  I then change into my PT uniform and go to my 0600 meeting.  At 0630 it is time to get some more miles in along with cross training ( push-ups, sit-ups, rope climbs etc.)  This is four days of the work week. Thursday is the fun day where I run for 30 minutes then put my rucksack on and walk 6-8 miles with 45 lbs added to my back.  Is this a good program to train to run 26.2?  I do not know yet but in 83 days it will all come to fruition. 

     If there is anyone who has a plan that can fit into this schedule please post it here or send me a message to let me know.  I also have a 1/2 two weeks after this first full which I am running with my family and friends. 
     What has been your biggest challenge? 


  1. The most important part about marathon training seems to be missing from your schedule. The long run. You should try and get a long run in at least once a week adding about 2 miles each time and peaking at about a 20 mile run then tapering back off. All the trainers and people I have talkedto in my own marathon journey have said that even if you skip most of the other workouts and only do long runs you are still going to be okay. So try to get some runs in over 16 miles to make sure you can handle the distance. Best of luck!

    My biggest challenge is not over-racing before my goal race. lol

  2. That is great advice and pretty much what I have started leaning towards. My biggest issue is usally going with adrenaline early and killing my pace so by the end I am totally spent