Monday, January 2, 2012

Take a Picture

Welcome 2012!!!

     I know we all have made the mistake year in and year out to resolve to do something this year or that year.  We also have seen those resolutions fall to the side of the couch like crumbs from your snacks. 

     I have read numerous posts on Facebook and other blogs bringing resolutions to light.  Now it is January 2nd and I am sure many of those resolutions are being put on the back burner.  Do not stop reading now and say this is crap, how does the MisFit know this?  This is because we ALL have done this, we ALL have made some crap resolution which sounded great on December 28-31 while we were bragging to friends about what we would do the next year.  Then less than a week later we were done resolving and back to the daily grind. 
     How do we stop the cycle?  

Step 1:  

     Take a picture of you and look at it honestly.  Then tell yourself if you like what you see or not.  It is said that if you look at the same thing every day you will never see a difference.  It is not that the mirror lies, it is that you see what you want to in it.  When you take a picture you cannot make it what you want it to be without Photoshop, or imagination.    Now when you see it do you like it?  If yes stop right here do not make any moves to a different you.  If you do not like it lets meander down to the next step.

Step 2:

     What didn’t you like about the picture?  Were you heavier than you thought?  Were you older than you saw yourself to be?  Both of those things are fixable.  Is your hair a different color than you thought?  This is also fixable.  None of these  take resolutions for the year to fix.  They require you to make a life change which will turn you into a different picture to everyone, most importantly yourself.  

     Now you have to decide how to change the things that made you into what you are now.  

     I like to run so that is what I do.  I also throw in anaerobic workouts and cut down on the bad food intake to sustain my changes in life.  I am in no way perfect nor is anyone.  I do try to be a little better each day than the last though.  Sometimes that is all you need to make things start to click in your life.  

     So after you start to change the picture, take another one to ensure you are still on the right path which you chose.  If there are still some adjustments to be made, you make them. 

     We need to stop buying into the resolution theories and just be better each day than the last.  It does not take a calendar year to make you change, it takes a Picture.