Friday, June 14, 2013

What is in your Bag????

What is in your Bag? 

     As the title of my Blog suggests I am kind of the out of place runner.  I do not carry all the cool gear with me when I go to a race.  I am usually bare bones when it comes to race day.    

     I train with just a Hammer Nutrition Bottle in my hand.  That is on most days.  If I am going less than 10 miles I might just have me.  That being said what I bring with me to a race is most likely what you have in your bags.  

     If the race or event is more than a few hours away I will drive there the night before get a hotel and relax.  Most times I will lay out my “stuff” for the morning.  If the hotel is close to the start/finish area I leave with just what I need to run.  If I have to drive a bit then the gear is in the car.  

MisFitrunner Essential Pack:

Hammer Nutrition (always with me)

Under Armour Eye Protection

X-1 Audio Momentum Earbuds and IPOD



It is all I essentially use,  What is in your bag?