Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Injured and Comeback

Being in the Army is always a great job.  You get awesome training on many different things.  They pay you to be physically fit.  You can not beat that.  There of course are dangers of being in the Military.  For one you can deploy to austere locations.  Another you can be away from loved ones for a long period of time.  Yet the two worst things have to be being killed or wounded. 

I have been to war 4 times now and the first three were pretty much like living in the Wild West.  I dodged a lot of rounds and explosions over my first three.  I knew this my fourth one would be a bit harder due to the nature of the deployment.  I had doubts for the first time ever. 

Those doubts materialized in a Mortar round striking within 35 meters of me and sending shrapnel in to my knee.  I did not flinch when it hit me, I looked and saw the blood and right away knew I was hit.  I just kept operating like I have been trained to do.  Lead until you can not anymore.  I stayed out front till they made me evacuate on a Helicopter.  I still thought in my mind it was just a scratch and all would be fine. 

After a couple hours at the hospital they told me I would be next for surgery.  In shock I asked for what.  They told me I had shrapnel in my knee and it had to be removed.  That is when reality checked in and I knew my doubts had in a way jinxed me.  After surgery I was sent to a crappy tent to sleep it off and limp with my crutches.  Less than 48 hours after the blast I was back on my base being taken care of by my Soldiers.  It may sound strange but it is better to be with your team than at the Hospital during these times.  I was in a familiar environment and able to heal quickly. 

I now await the doctor to let me know how to safely rehabilitate my Knee.  I am walking without the crutches and still have swelling.  I have challenged myself to get back to Half-Marathon condition by the time I get home.  With this I have signed up for the Rock and Roll Lexington Half-Marathon as my comeback race.  I hope many of you come out and join me in this comeback. 

I will keep you posted as I make my return to full operations.  You may knock me down but I will get back up!!!