Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Heat!!

     Wow what a couple of weeks we have had here in Tennessee.  The heat index has been insane and getting quality runs in has been nearly impossible.  I am currently training for my first Marathon which will be in about 83 days in St Louis.  I hear people say that the full is the hardest thing to train for and accomplish.  I always thought it would be a challenge, but adding in this heat has made it almost instant extreme sports. 

     With the heat coupled with work, I have started a totally different approach to training.  I start at 0430 for about an hour of running.  I then change into my PT uniform and go to my 0600 meeting.  At 0630 it is time to get some more miles in along with cross training ( push-ups, sit-ups, rope climbs etc.)  This is four days of the work week. Thursday is the fun day where I run for 30 minutes then put my rucksack on and walk 6-8 miles with 45 lbs added to my back.  Is this a good program to train to run 26.2?  I do not know yet but in 83 days it will all come to fruition. 

     If there is anyone who has a plan that can fit into this schedule please post it here or send me a message to let me know.  I also have a 1/2 two weeks after this first full which I am running with my family and friends. 
     What has been your biggest challenge? 

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Zone

     Have you every gone for a run with a distinct mileage goal in mind, and realize when you finish you have gone further than you planned?  I know this happens to more than me.  I was running the other day with a goal of three miles before PT (physical training) then three miles with cross training during PT.  This was an easily obtained goal in my eyes.  This week the temps have been horrible for running any time of day never mind the beautiful humidity of the western KY/TN border land.  So I started my first part at around 0445 and 4 1/2 miles later I was finished with part one.  I did not realize I had run that far or the pace I was going.  I kind of went into the zone and just pushed forward with it. 

     I went and got my PT uniform out and ran to my office to change before our morning meeting and the start of the day.  I drank down some refreshing HEED took some notes reset my watch and was ready to take my platoon on our Cross training day.  Right face, double time march!!  We were off just jogging at first then for the next 1.5 miles I had a guest want to speak to me so we went out at at 6:30 pace it was awesome talking and running then realizing the Platoon was way back so we had to double back and scoop them up.  I did not care it felt great to run that free and talk at the same time again.  We then started doing push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, sit-ups and some squat thrusts for about twenty minutes.  The energy was awesome everyone was pushing each other to go harder and do more.  

     Once the muscle break was over the run started again for about 3/4 of a mile then we hit the ropes.  You know you have always had the urge to climb ropes when you were running we just happened to find some to climb on our route.  The four ropes hung about 4o feet into the air off of a beam it was beautiful.  All of the platoon members ponied up and climbed them.  It is a thrill to be up that high hanging on just by what you can (hands and legs).  Then it was a short jaunt to a crazy looking area with lines painted in it, most people call these parking lots, we use them as the urban gymnasium.  Sprints were in order so after 8 x 100 and 4 x 200 we were ready to pack it in and head back the last 3/4 of a mile to cooling down and awaiting the rest of our day.  

     We all had been to the pinnacle of the zone which for us is "war".  We all now just found ourselves in a physical war of one upsmanship which created an awesome "zone" to train in.  By the end of the 12 who started 4 had left everything on the field and the other 8 were not far behind them.  It was a great training day which I eclipsed my goal of 6 total miles to hit almost 9. 

     Some times the zone is not peer to peer competition but it is an inner competitor that pushes us all forward. 

     What puts you in the ZONE?

Oh yeah all of the HEED was gone by the end of it all. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fifth Annual Haley's Team Twilight 5K and Haley's Kids 1K

     The team works for almost the entire year getting ready for the next year's event.  You write e-mails to countless corporations asking for support, make sure you have insurance and a safe course for the runners to run on.  Everyone on the team works with out worrying about themselves to ensure we put on a tremendous event to raise money to help research to find a cure to Cystic Fibrosis. 
     By race day you have already stuffed all the pre-registered runners bags with shirts, energy gel , biofreeze and pamphlets.  This year we were very fortunate to have the McClellan Park Medical Mall as the race start and finish with use of the building.  We also had a local band providing music throughout the race.  ( it was their first ever gig) 

     The race set up goes pretty smooth except for losing a box on the road to the race.  It was a pretty important one since it had all of our cups for the drink stations.  This was yet a small hiccup during this years event and we were able to power through it. 

     Volunteers are amazing and helped us to man water stations, ensure dark areas of the course had light and the race was timed correctly and we greatly appreciate all of them. 

     By 730 PM  the registrations were at 251.  This is a great number.  We start the Haley's Kids race and the youngsters took off quick.  The young winner finished in just over 4 minutes then went on to run the 5K less then 30 minutes later.  He also placed in his age group there.  by 8 PM all the runners who would take to the streets of historic McClellan were lined up.  Randy gave the pre-race instructions then counted them down to start. 

     Although it was after 8 at night and the temp had lowered a bit, the humidity was the key factor to the race this year.  The winner crossed the finish line in just over 17 minutes with the runner up right on his heals.  It was a great race with the runners led and followed by the Anniston Police Department.  A huge thanks to the APD. 

     When it was all over we had over 210 finishers and had raised over 11,000 to go to research. 

Huge thanks go out to all of our Sponsors especially : Taylor Construction, RoadID, GU and Biofreeze. 

Oh yeah planning has already begun for next year and we are less than 51 weeks away from executing the 6th annual race.  Hope to see ya'll there!!!  Go to for updates throughout the year.