Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sneakers, Turkey and Football

     Every year we all plan on being with family and friends through the holiday season.  In the military you are happy just to be home during the season.    As Thanksgiving approached this year knowing we were going to be at home it was time to reflect on that which we are thankful for.  I personally am thankful for my family and my fellow Soldiers.  I am most thankful for those who gave it all like SSG Jonathon L Martin and SGT Michael Beckerman. 
      This year being home I had to spin the race calendar to decide which Turkey trot to run in.  One caught my eye.  The name was different than the usual ones so I said this is what we will be doing.  This run was not for awards and the only fee was to bring non perishables and pass the turkey.  This one was purely for charity and was put on by the Clarksville Running Club.  All the food donated would go to MANA.  Of course for every runner that passed the Turkey $1 was donated to MANA as well. 
     The Pass the Turkey Family 5K for charity started with 190 runners watching the Turkey get a 2 Minute head start.  Now we only had to pass a lady wearing a cumbersome costume and oh yeah she is pregnant.  This made everyone try harder so as not to get beat by her and to get more money for MANA.  We cruised through the course not trying to PR just having fun and passing the turkey.  All 190 runners miraculously passed the turkey and had a great time doing it.  This was a great event put on cant wait till the pub run on Sunday. 
     Once the run is over you know it is still Turkey day so we get home clean up and cook us some turkey with all the fixings.  This would be our first Thanksgiving in our own home and also would be historically our smallest audience.  W usually have 15 to 20 guests at our house for dinner and football.  This year, we only had three.  In years past we played football outside the house drank beer and had fun until late until the night.  This year was like an old Tyson fight, dinner check then they were gone. 
    With dinner done it was time to watch football.  Root for the packers just because you want to see them try to go undefeated.  Root for whoever is playing the cowboys just because they are the cowboys and then flip a coin in the brother game at night.  This is traditionally a good day, even though the cowboys won. 
     Well that is it our day of Sneakers, Turkey and Football ended.  What do you do for Thanksgiving?

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