Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back after a Pause

Three months into the new year and my goals have not changed.  They have been tweaked due to time constraints.  That just made more pressure for me to obtain my goals at a quicker pace and stop procrastinating on it.  

While obtaining goals is always great.  The fact that we all set goals is also a great thing.  the simple fact that as we make these goals we also set deadlines, which usually are comfortable for us.  This is where we begin to procrastinate on it.  If you want to run 26 miles, you give yourself a plan that will take you at least 16 weeks to comfortably get there.  That 16 weeks actually took me 40 years to complete.  (for my first Marathon).  Could I have done it a lot sooner?  Yes.  Will I stay focused on running and getting better prepared for all of life's races? Yes  When I seriously started running, about 5 years ago, I did not think I would ever make it above a 5K.  That was not because I could not do it, it was because I did not want to leave a comfort zone.  

Have you ever just sat on the same mileage for a long period?  Stayed at the same amount of weight while at the gym?  This is because it does not hurt and you are, well you guessed it, comfortable!!!  How bout when you are doing a distance run?  Do you run at a comfortable pace?  Or do you push yourself for a while?  I know for a while I would try to save myself on long runs so I would have some fuel in the tank at the end.  Now I just go and go.  I do not think about running on empty, just about getting to the finish as quick as possible.  

What are the challenges you have for yourself which you have laid back and waited to attain?  Are you ready to go after them full speed?  

I am ready to stop waiting and just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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