Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Chance Workout


     We have all watched Jillian, Bob and Dolvet push their contestants through the last chance workout.  They act as though what they do that day will push their "number" up and over the top so they will be safe.  This is not the case since it is a culmination of their entire body of work that week.  The drama is what sells in that final workout.

     If you consistently workout whether it is with weights, running, crossfit or whatever flavor you are going after this week.  The “last workout” is usually your culmination event.  This is where you will show the improvement on last week.  Many athletes utilize their event as their guide to see how far they have advanced.  With this they use the last day prior to get their “last chance” in.  During this last ditch effort the kinks are worked out and marks are set in motion for their event.  

     I usually run 3-4 miles the day before a half-marathon.  During this session I make sure all parts are working correctly.  Are there any pains showing up?  Am I hitting the times I need during this small scale test?  It is like the final checklist to be successful during the event.  

     This week I will run in the Country Music Half-Marathon with my wife.  I am running for the Wounded Warrior Project with many other WWP Alumni.  Should be a fun weekend.  Will post the race wrap after.  

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