Friday, July 12, 2013

What drives you to sign up for a race? The Start

     Every week now if you look on a local calendar you can find a race of some sort.  In some areas you may see as many as 3 5Ks in a 15 mile radius.  That is some stiff competition.  SO what makes one more desirable than the other? 

     A few years ago when I first started to participate in runs, I chose those whose price was fair for their distance, and close to my comfort area.  Now my comfort area is a lot bigger but I am still picky about prices for races.  How much will you pay for a 5K?, 10K?, Half-Marathon? Or Marathon?

     I also find myself looking at events which have a good history.  They have been around for a while.  Do you look to run for races that give out swag?  What is the swag you live for in a 5K?  Does it matter? 

     Do you just look at your schedule and mark off the race that fits in where it can? 

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