Sunday, September 15, 2013

7 Weeks To Go

     We all take challenges in our lives.  Some are work related some are family goals.  In seven weeks the Wounded Warrior project is coaching, mentoring a group of warriors heading to their first Marathon since being wounded.  

     I am training with my wife for this ride.  It will be her first ever Marathon and my first since my injury last year.  We started our joint although apart training about 9 weeks ago.  Our training right now is sort of virtual, since we are living in two areas (yet again).  This week and next we get to train together since I got some time off.  

     We are both following Hal Higdon’s Marathon plan and chat, text and Skype often to keep each other motivated.  When we decided to take this journey together we were on a whirlwind trip during June up in the mountains of North Carolina.  Sometimes we make decisions in the spur of the moment, and other times they are well planned out in advance.  

    No matter how the planning goes, whatever road you travel, it is not the decision to do it, but the journey that gets you to the finish.  In seven weeks we will toe the line together in Savannah and cross the line together, time is irrelevant for that day. 

What decisions have you made that have taken you on a journey? 

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