Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 Flying by

As two months have flown by here, I cannot help but think about the rest of the year.   In the first two months I have put in over 300 miles and started training to swim again (after 25 years).  It is not like riding a bike that is for sure.  I remember the basics of the training but will have to step up my game.  Of course if someone wants to send me a good beginner swimming training plan for Triathlons send it to me J 

Last year I hit the Marathon for a second time and made the goal of the Tri for 2014. 

Goals are good for me that way it keeps me honest in my training.  Do you have to set goals in order to stay motivated? Focused?


A couple things I have been seeing trending on the interwebs the last eight weeks which need to be discussed. 


Foot wear:

For running you truly need to find a running store and get your feet and running gate evaluated.  This will give you a better idea of which of the now very many shoes to lean towards.  It is tempting to just go and buy the shoe you see your friends wearing.  That may not be the best choice for you.  Another very bad temptation is to go with the one you think looks good on you.  My advice is to go ahead and get fitted so you buy the shoe that is right for YOU.  Of course you can then find the matching clothes to go with them after. 


As a non-traditional runner it is hard for me to shell out advice in this area.  Hard does not mean impossible.  You have to know what you need for again YOU.  Do you need arm sleeves that light up?  If you are running mostly at times of darkness I would say they are a good investment however, if you only seldom run at times of limited visibility you do not need them.  You could buy a reflective belt or blinkies for a lot cheaper if visibility is all you are looking for. 

If you are trying to figure out if you need a hydration belt or backpack, I suggest you try them out at the store before purchasing them.   I do not usually utilize them while running.  The most I do is carry a purist bottle.  However, if you want your favorite drink and the race you are running in does not serve it, a fuel belt may be the best way to go.  Most major races have plenty of hydration stations if you do not have a drink preference.  Use a bottle or belt during your training and then research the race to see if you need the belt or backpack. 

Hat or visor? 

I happen to have a head that only works with the hat.  This is something that is 100% user preference.  Wear what is comfortable to YOU.  Do not try anything on race day that you have not tried during your training. 


You have to feed the machine.  While training you need to experiment with fuels to see what works as your during race kick.  Pre-race, or long training run you need to eat so the engine will have enough fuel to sustain you on your journey.  It could be rice cakes with peanut butter (Almond Butter if allergic), bananas or even a nutri-bullet smoothie.  All are good and get your body ready for the event of your choosing.   I have watched fast runners eat pop tarts before the start of a race so the before fuel is pretty wide open.  During you need to know if you can handle gels, chews, chomps etc.  So as stated earlier experiment with each and different flavors to give you more options.

The Bib

How do I attach that?  Dang stuck myself with the pin.  Oh crap it is super crooked.  They have belts for this now which hook the bib in and take out the pain of the pin or the slanted BatMan style pictures. 


Of course all of the above is totally up to YOU.  Only YOU know what is needed to make you comfortable and have your best race day possible.  Visit your local running Store and chat with your local running club members to determine what the right way for you to go should be. 

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