Monday, March 3, 2014

Team MisFit

Proud to say with the help of Raymone Byrd we have started Team Misfit. 

Design by: Lexie LaMonica Designs


It is a group of runners who do not or did not fit the perceived mold of a runner when they started.  They have a drive for success and camaraderie amongst each other.  The vision for this team began with just three Soldiers running in the high desert of Afghanistan in 2010.  Those early days were a struggle for us all as we were in the heat of a big fight with the Taliban as part of the Surge into the region.  This enabled us to forge a team which has grown into an extended family for all of us. 

                "We Run These Towns Together"

Our mission is to persuade others to attain a healthier lifestyle through fitness and nutrition.  We continually encourage our team to attain their goals especially when walls come up. 


Our goal is to ensure we push each other to new heights no matter what we are trying to achieve. 

 We share workouts that have helped us, gear that works for us and of course fueling choices. 

We have started an apparel line to show our pride in the Team. 



We are not just runners so if you are training in other areas for example: Cross fit, Swimming, Cycling, Kettle bells we welcome you to the team. 

We have a resident Kettle Bell instructor on the Team if you need workouts.


If you want to become a member message us on FB

Or e-mail MisfitRunner



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