Monday, October 31, 2011

A few days till Savannah

     A year ago I was dodging the ban in stan. Now I am trained enough to run a marathon one week and run a half two weeks later.  Is that an expression of being a warrior?  Probably not just an attitude of if i want it , I can do it.  How many of you have ever just signed up for a race before you trained for it? 

     I know I am not alone in this.  I have put my training and endurance to the limits this past three weeks.  Once this weekend is up I have to find another challenge for the following months. I feel as long as I am challenging myself I will be in a good training mode.  It most likely will not matter since I will train anyway, but it is always good to add to my my plate. 

     This weekend I will run with my best friend , my wife Gwen,  My brother and mentor Tom and some good friends in Savannah.  We will run through this historic city for 13.1 miles.  It will be great to finally make the run with the two of them.  I was supposed to run Disney with them in January but war got in the way so this is our make up. 

     This race is also significant since my team mates form Team Marathon will be there and my running friends from around the world will both be well represented.  I think Savannah will be rocking this weekend which is not much change to normal there.  This time however there will be 30,000 runners plus friends and cheer squads out there making it pretty extreme, like the orange crush parties of old or the St Patrick's day parties of every year. 

The excitement is maxing out , I hope everyone is ready and the Southern Party port is ready for another great time.  Good luck to all my fellow runners and Friends see you at the finish. 

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