Friday, October 21, 2011

Go Commando

As the cold front swung in (finally)  we were hitting the last week of preparations for the Go Commando race day in Clarksville, Tn.  With my first full marathon a week away, I signed up for the 5K with the plan of running the last 5-6 miles of the half-marathon with my wife. 

     The weather finally caught up to October as temps dropped to the high 40s and low 50s.  This makes for almost perfect running weather.  We have been training for this since my return from Afghanistan in April.  Now was her show time.  Of course she had the pre-race jitters but these are normal for everyone.  as the runners lined up the Marine Corps honor guard presented our Nation's colors and a local singer belted out the National Anthem.  The Gun went off and all nervousness went out the window as they ran off onto the course.  
     I am certain many of you have read this line on a race description "fast flat course".  Well as usual that is not the case.  On this day miles 3-6 were rolling and steep climbs.  I will give it to the planner the final 6 and a half miles were flat.  About 30 minutes after the start of the half we were lined up and ready to run.  I stayed near the back since I was really just here for a training run. 

     The gun went off for our start and as usual I could not lay back.  I started running through the almost 250 runners that lined up in front of me.  I started passing and gaining my stride.  We were on a kind of weird switch back style course.  We funneled into the first one for mile one on a sidewalk size path with runners heading in both directions.  It was very tight quarters for running so speed had to be mixed with careful running.   We then ventured accross the main road onto the second mile switchback.  this time the crowd was not bad on the way up.  On the way back we were passing all the runners again.  We then had to make another turn through runners back onto the main road.  Now we could stretch our legs out and turn it on.  I pushed harder now and finished in 22:40, 17th place male 25th overall and 3rd in Age group.  Not a bad 5K. 
    I then went and ran to catch up to my wife for the last 5 miles of her run.  Her training had kicked in and she was much faster than she thought she would be.  So I missed her at the link up point.  I then started pushing it to find her.  I caught her as she was heading towards mile 10. 

She was doing well and I joined her for the rest of the run.  She ran hard the rest of the way and is my inspiration.  She has been through way more than her share of hard times and always steps up with her passion for things to be great.  She finished ten minutes under her PR from her last race and five under her goal for this race.  I am very Proud of her. 

She crossed the line in 2:14 and change  a great effort.  We will both run the Savannah 1/2 in a couple weeks but this week she will be my support during my First Full in St Louis.   Can not wait to cross the finish line and find her.  Nothing is better than running with friends and family and since she has gotten into running I have gotten better,  Thanks!!!
See You all after St Louis!!!!!!!!!

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