Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Long Run

     As October started I was about to go on my longest run to date.  In my mind wasn't any negativity but positive thoughts.  My Daughter came off the IR yesterday for 27 solid minutes on the pitch.  After over a month of being injured she ran a mile in 8:08 in what she said was her slugging it (we all know she is faster) in order to be cleared to play.  We are very proud of how she handled the injury and rehab. 

     Going into my 20 mile training run I did not think of how hard it might be, but of her powering thorugh over the last month.  As I started it was the first cold morning here of the fall.  I wore a long sleeve t-shirt , shorts and a fleece cap.  After the first 9-10 miles I went back into my neighborhood.  It was time to pick up my running partner as she was going to hit a 12 in her training.  I was having some stomach problems so I took a quick break to fix that and change my shirt then back on the road.  We sped out on her first five.  then I can feel my legs starting to fight me back. 

     I could hear her asking if I was ok which is usually the other way around.  I knew I must be favoring something.  So I adjusted my stride and pushed through.  We looped the school zone and were back on the mill.  This is where I started to feel the pain.  My calf started to cramp at her 8.78 mile mark.  I had to take a quick walk break and lengthen my stride to stretch it out. at 8.88 we were running again to the home stretch.  Back onto Tiny Town and straight west to the estates.  As I hit the neighborhood I knew I was over 20 and I could ease up and cool down. 

In 22 days I will run my first full marathon and I think I am ready.  St Louis watch out here I come...

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